Creative workshop of furniture restoration with disabled youngsters


Δημιουργικό εργαστήρι αποκατάστασης επίπλων με τη συμμετοχή ΑμεΑ.

We don’t create any series, every object is unique.

Some knowledge about "do it yourself", some good tools and a bit if imagination are enough to give a second life to an old furniture.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Parque step by step

Someone gave us this kid chair

We paint all the chair with acrylic white paint

we cut some napkins

We stick with white glue the napkins

We put some vanish on

and our chair is ready!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Comic gum step by step

Someone gave us this old furniture...

We take out the screws in order to remove part of the door

We take away the board from the top and the sides...

We know in a new board

We fill in some spaces between the wood with wood putty

We paint carefully some parts of the furniture

We cut some comic stickers to the size

...and we stick them

We paint other parts of the furniture with other colour

And our furniture is finished!!!

Redonda step by step

We found this table in the street...

We take out the screws to remove the legs of the table

We sand and clean them

We paint the top of the table with white acrylic paint

We put again the legs of the table

We paint them

We stick napkins to the top of the table with white glue and we varnish all the surface

and our table is FINISHED!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ovni step by step

We found this table in the street

We remove the varnish with the thermic sptripper

We clean all the surface

We aply white acrylic paint where we will stick the pictures

We paint the rest of the table black

We stick the pictures with white glue and we put varnish on them

...and our table is ready!!!

Coccinelle step by step

Some one gave us this kid desk and chair set

We put a cover of acrylic paint

We draw on the desk some ladybirds

and on the chair...

we fill the in with somoe coloured acrylic paint

we paint al around witha nother colour

And our kid set is READY!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Back from Japan step by step

We found this furniture in the street... we take out the glass door

we give three covers of white acrilyc paint

We sand between the different covers

we stick some pictures in each shelf and on the sides with white glue

With a piece of tissue we finish to stick them

we cut some crepe paper

with withe glue we stick small pieces of crepe paper

We stick more pieces...

and more...

and our small library is READY!!!